A little bit home-style. A little bit gourmet. A LOT delicious.

Chef Wil Larsen

Chef Wil Larsen is a Dallas native with over fifteen years of professional cooking experience. He’s served as the Executive Chef at Dallas’s premier steakhouse—Nick & Sam’s, the Executive Chef at Two Sisters' Catering, and the Catering Chef for celebrity chef Kent Rathbun’s catering company.

Wil and his family moved to Eureka Springs a year and a half ago looking for charm and a slower pace of life, and found just that! In his free time, Chef Wil loves to play with his toddler, read, fish, and browse baking blogs (have you tried his chocolate cake??).

Chef Wil and his wife launched Eureka Dinner Club in hopes of bringing big-city taste mixed with small-town hospitality directly to your door!

-Doug P.

"I just got a 5-star dinner delivered to my house. I haven’t been to a restaurant since March and now I can have high quality meals brought to my house. I was a little apprehensive about the potatoes but they were amazing. It’s like what else can you do to potatoes??...but these folks know what they're doing. I could go on but I will stop. Worth it."

Go ahead...drool a little.

Lemon pepper cod

chicken pot pie

beef bourgignon